Market Kitchen - Modern American Kitchen with Local Influence  
Market Kitchen W Bogota · Avenida Carrera 9, #115 - 30 · Bogotá  · 
Colombia · 


MARKET Kitchen’s concept of locally sourced farm-to-table fare is reflected in the design of the restaurant, which is meant to be an organic open space evoking images of the Calla Lilly. The color palette of the space is white with warm walnut and green accents along with hints of yellow.  The shapes and contours of the finishes and furniture are meant to resemble the curved silhouettes found in nature.   The Zapan wood flooring is homegrown in Colombia and compliments the walnut furniture bringing with it an inviting warmth and energy that translates into the feeling of a stylish home kitchen.

Enjoy our private dinning room for an exclusive experience up to 12 people.

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The epicenter of W Bogota's vibe.. Our W Lounge radiates a stylish ambience where you can mix and mingle, see and be seen and create your own intimate social space.  The white open space that appears at the end of a black tunnel gives way into the palettes of gold and purple—ancient colors symbolizing the living. Over 200,000 golden cords adorn the ceiling and hang down upon the space to embody the delicate contour of a bouquet of flowers.  Handmade round wool carpets lay on the floor of the pod-like seating.  The hidden treasure of W Lounge is the colorful graffiti found behind the golden cords alluring guests explore the space and feel like a modern day adventurer.